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Private Rental Car or Van or 4×4 Trooper – $30

Big Island Car Rental for Hio Kona and Pahoa!


I have reliable used cars that we rent at a big discount when compared to the major companies. If you looking to save some money and support small local business, please contact me regarding your Big Island Car Rental. Hilo airport pick-up is not a problem. (fee for Kona)

Please contact us for a reservation and quote at 808-936-6347 call or text
I accept credit cards and cash and sometimes barter.

Toyota Avalon Car

six seater
1 day $60
3 days $90
7 days $200
30 days $600

90 chevy Van
7 seats plus or Cargo
1 day $60
3 days $90
7 days $200
30 days $600
Use as Moving Van or a Camp out of it

4X4 94 Isuzu Trooper stickshift(5 speed)
1 day $60

3 days $90
7 days $200
30 days $600

4X4 94 isuzu Trooper automatic
1 day $60
3 days $125
7 days $275
30 days $900

Call me at 808-936-6347 or text


Michael W. Hale

Cell or Text 808-936-6347
www.BigIslandFix.com (Business Consulting)
www.MichaelWHale.com (Resume)

www.JediShaman.com (Travel blog)
You Tube channel


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